Gracious Tiny House Park

Where can I park my tiny house in Florida?

Lake Okeechobee has a wonderful lakefront Tiny House Community in South-Central Florida.
Gracious Tiny House Park loves tiny homes !

Do you have any rental lots available for tiny homes?

Yes, we rent out sites in our community for large and small tiny homes on wheels. There are 21 full hook-up sites in our park. They are generally the size of a standard RV lot. There is plenty of long-term tiny house parking available here at our park. We are mostly a full-time resident park. Our south-central Florida tiny house location provides legal tiny house living which is conveniently near Palm Beach County, near Martin County, near Indian River County,  near St. Lucie County, near Broward County, and near Oceola County all from one location! 

Are there Tiny Houses for sale or Tiny Houses for rent at the park?

 At this time, there are no Tiny Houses available for sale or rent in our tiny home community.  Please contact our Tiny House Manager for updates.

Is there a maximum or minimum stay allowance to park my THOW?

For example, do you allow residents to live full-time in a tiny house? Can we park our tiny house there year-round, but only live in it a few times a year?

We, being a group of full-timers, prefer long term residents, although occasionally we have seasonal tiny house dwelling.  At the time of this posting, we are all  full-time residents with long term monthly rental agreements. We offer annual parking for tiny houses, even if they are not occupied 100% of the year. We believe having long-term residents rather than catering to short-term turnover, leads to a more stable living environment.  We want you to feel like family in our community!

What are your rates to rent a lot for my tiny house?

Standard Monthly: $350* plus electric
Waterfront Monthly: $400* plus electric
Weekly / Daily rates are not available.

*Rates based on longer than 6 month term which reflect a $50 per month discount. If site is vacated prior to the long term agreement, discount does not apply.

What hook-ups are included at each tiny home rental site?

All of our tiny home parking sites come with full hook ups. Each lot has standard water and sewer hook-ups. Electricity is metered and billed separately by FPL (Florida Power & Light). Electricity is available at each tiny house lot for 30 amp, 50 amp and some 100 amp service poles. Trash collection is included. Lawn service is included.Acquiring other utilities, such as cable tv, internet or standard telephone, would be up to the individual.

Do you have 50 amp service available for my tiny home hook-up?

Most sites at Gracious Tiny House Park are wired with both 30 and 50 amp service available. We even have some that are able to accommodate 100 amp and 200 amp tiny homes!

What amenities are there for the park guests to use?

As a residential park, we have no outbuildings, but amenities include:

Okeechobee waterway "Rim Canal" surrounding Lake Okeechobee
Waterfront Gazebos with picnic tables
Fish cleaning station
Boat Docks
Nature Trail along the border of Lake O
Fully Fenced
Access to Lake Okeechobee nearby lock

What are the park's demographics?
What age group are most guests?

We have a variety of ages living/visiting our Tiny House Community.
Most are mid-life adults: from their mid-40s to retirees.
At the time of this writing, there are some adult singles as well. We have residents who work full time, fish part time & love life here full time!

What improvements are going on?

While we are a casual community in an older park, the owners have been hands-on to keep it attractive, clean and safe. We've added solar light fixtures to mark our entrance posts. The water treatment and filtering process was upgraded.  We have also been pressure cleaning the cement patios and painting the fence, gazebos. We maintain the driveway gravel to keep up with Florida's infamous rainy season. Our on-site manager is always busy helping to improve our little world and our owners are receptive to resident input.Many residents have added plants and decoration to their decks and patios. We encourage individual container plantings and we have a community garden area set aside for everyone's enjoyment.Gracious Tiny House Park was relocated to our current location after a hostile takeover of the previous property in April 2019. This website has been updated it to reflect our current location, which, for the record, is smaller which lends itself to a friendlier atmosphere!  Please contact us for more information about exciting changes to make our community more Tiny House Friendly, more community oriented, and more like a family village.

Can I bring my dog to live in my tiny home?
Are there pet restrictions at your tiny house village?

We are pet friendly and ask everyone to pick up after their pets and keep them on a leash in public areas. We prefer smaller breeds but vicious/malicious dogs are not allowed.

How can I tour your park before I arrive?

We've had people come because they saw our original  video on YouTube and now they've decided to make this their new home. It is admittedly a bit dated and I have been lax in filming a newer one. We neither try to pretend we're something we're not, nor to apologize for who we are. It is always best to take the drive, walk around & enjoy the ever breezy waterfront gazebos to get the feel for our park.  


What size are the lots?

GraciousTinyHousePark is on the grounds of one of several RV parks along Lake Okeechobee. As the park morphed into its current size and shape over the years, not all of our sites are of equal dimensions. Generally speaking, they are about 30ft wide by 30-40ft long. The waterfront sites have an additional 10ft easement along the seawall. About half of the sites have a concrete pad/patio next to the spot to park the THOW/RV unit. A few of the sites have a tree on them, although most are clear and grassy.

What types of units do you have at Gracious Tiny House Community Park ?

In our past, we've had campers, C-class, A-class (bus style), 5th wheels, and mobile home trailers. Going forward we are growing our number of Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs). Depending on the site, we can accommodate up to a 35-40 ft rig!

Do you allow composting toilets?

Yes. They must be properly maintained. 

Do you upkeep the lawn?

Yes, there is a lawn company that services our community. They mow all the lawn in the park, on sites & around common areas, and weed-whack where possible. The more challenging sites have opted to get their own weed-whackers but that is optional.

What's it like living full time in Florida in an RV or Tiny House at Gracious Community?

The sites are clean & groomed, mostly grassy sites.
We encourage each resident to maintain and improve their yard and rig. We have newer large rigs in the park as well as some older mobile homes. 

You can always find someone out & about to talk to,  making a few casts to see what's biting, or you can keep to yourself, sit on the swing, or enjoy the sunset over the water. It's not a busy park by any means. It's not tourist-y, it's not crowded, it's not loud, we don't have loud music & late night parties, but a few of us do enjoy sitting around the fire pit and sipping an adult beverage and looking up at an amazingly brilliant sky full of stars (There's no lights over the 750 sq mile Lake O). The park is not too small, not too big. Like Goldilocks would say, "it's just right."


What's the vision for Gracious Tiny House Park in the coming years?

As of Autumn 2021 we have five full time Tiny Housers on premises in addition to the little Cottage Camper which takes our Leasing Manager around to the Tiny House Festivals in Florida.  One of them is shared through
Feel free to check out the build process.

We are growing our Tiny House population and as the community develops we can decide if we want to all live in one section with landscaping around it or if we'll each choose our site location anywhere in the park (as we do now). We're also open to other ideas and input from the Tiny Community. What's your suggestion?

How close are you to the nearest city?

We are within one mile of a convenience store/gas station and Dollar General. The "city" of Okeechobee is more like a town. It's only 6 miles away, and has everything you could need:

Home Depot
WW Lumber
Tractor Supply
Harbor Freight
Food stores (Publix / Winn Dixie / Aldi's)
RV parts stores
RV dealer
CVS/Walgreens/local drug stores
City Hall/Registrar/Tag Office
Fast food (all the common ones)
Dollar stores
Flea markets
Whole food markets

What are your rules for the tiny house community members?

We do have some rules to keep our community clean, comfortable and safe. The complete list of rules will be posted here soon, but generally speaking, they are very common rules as you would find at most RV parks accepting tiny houses.

What is the registration procedure and how much advance notice do you require?

If you are seeking to place your tiny house on our land for long-term or live in it full time, it is advisable to make your reservation request a month or more ahead of season.
Being such a small park, we are often full and have a small waiting list for Tiny Houses.

We can send you a pre-registration form via email. Please contact us for more information.