We at Gracious Tiny House Community have a resident who built her tiny house at our previous location. If you would like input on what to consider to start building your tiny house, please contact us.

This project began with an 8.5' x 20' flat bed car hauler in April 2016. The walls were framed on a concrete slab patio and stacked until they were raised onto the trailer the end of the summer. The walls were sheathed, windows cut, house wrap applied and windows installed by December that year. The roof was tarred and metal panels attached by mid-winter. The next summer of 2017 was spent insulating the interior and building the awnings. The winter of 2017-18 was aimed at installing electrical and plumbing. Much of the build process was accomplished on nights and weekends, after commutes to a full-time off-site job. Of course as any home owner can tell you, the project is never truly finished ... there's always something to do, either in repairs and maintenance or modifications & new ideas.

If you would like to "follow" the build you may do so at:

Take-Me-Home Tiny House

There are also videos available on YouTube for the build ...  and more to come.
YouTube: Take Me Home Tiny House

Take Me Home Tiny House on waterfront RV spot on Lake Okeechobee
Take-Me-Home Tiny House